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EVOM3 TEER Measurement

EVOM3 TEER Measurement

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TEER-measuring device, main technical specifications:
- Sampling Frequency: 12,5Hz
- Sample Averaging over 20 samples
- Measuring range: 0..100kΩ

What is included with the EVOM3:
- EVOM3 Epithelial Volt Ohm Meter
- STX2-PLUS Electrode set
- USB drive 32 GB
- Calibration kit, 1000Ω Test Resistor
- A/C power cord and charger
- Foot switch

TEER Measurement with automatic data logging

- Low noise design offers greater resolution and accuracy.
- Automatic 20X sample averaging improves accuracy and stability.
- Adjustable fixed measurement currents (2, 4 or 10µA).
- Resistance auto ranging from 1 Ω$ to 100,000Ω or with three fixed current ranges.
- Reliable low current, low voltage design prevents metal ion transport.
- Fast resistance stabilization on low levels under 200Ω with resolution to 0.1Ω.
- Ergonomic tilt stand for low glare operation.
- Graphical display of popular plates (6, 12, 24, 96) for trend analysis.
- The display shows the most recent set of parameters.
- Automatic plate indexing operation with or without control well subtraction for resistance and potential difference (PD) measurements.
- Continuous data logging via USB (PC, Mac, Linux).
- Saves date stamped data to a spreadsheet readable file on a USB drive.
- Upgradable firmware



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