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TRITC Dextran

TRITC Dextran

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by TdB Labs

TRITC-dextrans are prepared from special dextran fractions by coupling to tetramethylrhodamine B isothiocyanate (mixed isomers). The fluorescence intensity of TRITC-dextrans varies much less than with FITC-dextrans.

All batches are checked for molecular weight, degree of substitution, loss on drying and free TRITC. TdB Labs produce TRITC-dextrans from 4 kDa to 2000 kDa. TRITC-dextrans are supplied as a pink powder.


Dextran is a branched polysaccharide elaborated by the bacteria Leuconostoc mesenteroides. Dextran is essentially a linear glucose chain linked by α-D-(1 – 6) linkages. The degree of branching is about 5 %. The content of TRITC substituents ranges from 0.001 to 0.008 per glucose unit. At these low degrees of substitution, the charge contribution from the tertiary amino-groups on the rhodamine moiety is minimal.

Spectral data

TRITC-dextran has an excitation maximum at 550 nm and an emission maximum at 571 nm at pH 9.

Storage and stability

TRITC-dextran is stable for more than 6 years when stored dry in well-sealed containers at ambient temperature.


TRITC-dextran dissolves readily in water.


TRITC-dextran is mainly used for studying permeability and microcirculation. It can also be used as a molecular size marker, for studies of drug delivery and more.


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