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VCC2 Current Clamp

Voltage/Current Clamp VCC6, V10

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System for analog data acquisition and control of 6 Chambers
- Input Resistance: 1 GOhm differential
- Input Current: 2nA
- Input Voltage: +/- 40 mV, 0.01 mV step
- Current Output: +/- 200µA, 0,1µA step
- Tissue resistance: Rt 2000 Ohm,
- A/D Subsystem for Analog Data Acquisition: 13 Bit
- Current Source by D/A 12 Bit
- Rf und Electrode-offset via software
- Connection to the Ussing Chambers via SubD 25 female
- Communication: Serial Connection to PC USB Port for bi-directional data transfer
- Case Dimensions: approx. 12 x 26 x 26 cm (5 x 10 x 10 in)
- power supply: 100/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- Data Acquisition Software: Winclamp for Win10
- Data stored in Excel Format
- USB-Null Modem cable, 1,5m

Voltage/Current Clamp VCC2

The Computer Controlled VC-Clamp with Software is a combined voltage/current clamp with data acquisition system in one compact microcomputer-controlled system unit. In its full configuration, it can be used to control, collect, and store electrophysiological data from up to six Ussing chambers.
The system provides independent chamber control in three different modes: voltage clamp, current clamp, and open circuit. A change between these modes is possible during the experiment at each time point.
The VC-Clamp is fully compatible with all Ussing chamber systems. The clamp provides a separate A/D converter and isolated current source for each chamber. Current and voltage electrodes are connected to the VC-Clamp via an electrode manifold. Data exchange between the PC and the VC-Clamp is via standard USB ports, and depending on the ports available, a single PC can handle several clamps.

The VC-Clamp comes complete with an easy to use Windows-based control and data acquisition software package that allows for the individual control and monitoring of each chamber.

Software Features included:
- Automatic compensation of fluid resistance and electrode potential during the experiment
- Individual voltage clamp, current clamp or open circuit for each chamber
- Overlay of uni- or bipolar current pulses with variable parameters for the dynamic definition of Gt / Rt
- Minimum pulse duration 200ms, max. amplitude +/- 250µA for the dynamic definition of Gt / Rt
- I/U and U/I curves with freely adjustable parameters
- Ability to input marker and comments and save with data file
- Printout of parameters in variable timetable
- Data format compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet software
- Continuous graphics display
- Experiment time up to 8 hours


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