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Ussing Diffusion-Chamber, Snapwell® Type with drain

Ussing Diffusion-Chamber, Snapwell® Type with drain

SKU: 1307

- material acryl
- sealing by means of an O-ring
- approx. 3ml per halfchamber
- gaslift
- chamber closure by locking ring
- drain for buffer solution

Ussing Diffusion-Chamber for use with Snapwell® Cell culture Caps with drain

Ussing chamber for holding Snapwell® Cell Culture Caps of type #3407 (0.4µm polycarbonate), #3801 (0.4µm clear polyester), and #3802 (3µm polycarbonate).
The Snapwell cup is held using adapter rings.
An adapter ring is available to accommodate epithelial tissue (opening: 10mm, round).
With additional inlays, the opening diameter can be reduced (down to 2mm), making this chamber universally applicable.
However, if only tissue samples are to be examined, we recommend Ussing Chambers # 1306, # 1308, or # 1338.
The drain enables the buffer solution to be drained or exchanged without removing the chamber from the system.


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